Are You Eligible for SSDI Backpay?


( – Getting an injury or a disability that prevents you from working anymore can be devastating. However, applying for the Social Security Disability Insurance benefits (SSDI) can provide much-needed relief. The SSDI application process can be challenging and lengthy, especially due to the many applicants.

It can take months before the Social Security Administration (SSA) approves an application. But the good thing is that you can receive back pay when your application is approved.

Read on to learn how the SSDI application works and your eligibility for back pay.

How Does the SSDI Application Work?

If you or a loved one has suffered a severe injury or a disability, you may be eligible for federal financial relief through the SSDI. If you have worked long enough and had been paying Social Security taxes before the disability, understanding how the application works can come in handy.

The application process for the SSDI benefits can be daunting. The first step involves filling the Form SSA-16. You then need to submit the filled application forms to the SSA for approval through either of the following:

  • In-person visit to the local SSA offices
  • Online through the SSA website
  • Over the phone by calling (800) 772-1213

Working with a good disability lawyer can help simplify the process and limit the chances of application rejection. However, if you don’t have a lawyer, submitting the application in person to the SSA offices is critical. Although the SSA staff cannot offer legal guidelines, they can answer questions about the application form.

The SSA-16 is one of many forms to fill. Others include:

This paperwork will capture all essential details about your disability and work history.

Who is Eligible for Back Pay?

Disability back pay refers to a lump sum one is entitled to get from the SSA from the onset of the disability to application approval. The SSDI waiting time ranges from five months and above. Only about 30% of applicants have their applications approved within one month after submission.

The first eligibility for disability back pay is application approval. If the application is approved within five months of submission, the applicant is entitled to the lump sum equivalent to the waiting time.

The longer it takes before approval, the more back pay money an applicant will get. Since many applicants are not approved by the first time, they may be eligible for many months’ back pay.

Nonetheless, the SSDI benefits are subject to five months of waiting time. This implies you’re not eligible for back pay if your application is approved within five months. However, if it takes ten months for application approval, you qualify for five months’ worth of back pay.

The difference between the disability onset and the approval date determines whether an applicant qualifies for SSDI back pay. When issues arise on back pay, applicants must provide evidence to support claims of the disability onset.

What to Expect in SSDI Back Pay

The applicants receive monthly benefits immediately after the SSA approves the SSDI application. However, the back pay amount is calculated and paid in a lump sum to qualified individuals. Back pay does not attract interest; therefore, beneficiaries receiving the lump sum of the period monthly benefits were delayed.

If you or a loved one suffers a disability that forces you out of work, you can apply for the SSDI benefits to receive the much-needed financial support. Applying for SSDI can be challenging, but finding a good disability lawyer can help. To meet eligibility criteria for SSDI back pay, the period between disability onset and application approval must exceed five months. Still, expect no interest from SSDI’s back pay.

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