Here Are Simple Non-Caffeinated Tricks to Get Your Energy Up…

Here Are Simple Non-Caffeinated Tricks to Get Your Energy Up...
Here Are Simple Non-Caffeinated Tricks to Get Your Energy Up...

Need a lift?

Most of us use caffeine in the morning to give us a boost, but what about those low power days when we’ve already had our caffeine? If you’re like me, you don’t want to drink a caffeinated drink late in the afternoon, or it may disrupt our sleeping patterns. Although, when the 2 – 4 pm lows come calling, we need something to get us through the rest of our day. Here are a few non-caffeinated tips to re-energize your mind and body:

Listen to upbeat music

Nothing helps to repair a flat drive more than spicy music. It’s not always 100% efficient, but most of the time, it will boost your brain into releasing endorphins to get you up and moving. Avoid those slow, depressing beats and lyrics that could lower those happy chemicals. Instead, fill your ears with soothing and energetic tunes that make you feel good or the ones that trigger old memories of your past, like when you were a teen. Rock on or boogie down: whatever lifts you up is what you need!

Eat a healthy snack

It is recommended to take a B-vitamin in the afternoon instead of the morning when our energy level usually takes a dip. Delicious chewables and gummies can make it like a special treat and you’ll digest it faster than a solid pill. A green smoothie might just be the thing you need to put more oxygen into your blood and give you that serious energy boost. Even a handful of almonds will give you enough protein to fuel your brain until dinner. Try to avoid high fat foods and sugary drinks that cause a small spike before that dreaded crash.

Take a brisk walk

Sometimes, it might feel like work to get outside and take a walk. Yet, when you get your blood pressure pumping, your brain releases endorphins. WIN! Even if you have to run up and down the stairs a few times, it will edge off the afternoon snoozers.

Take a power nap

If you’ve tried everything and you just can’t keep it together, take a break. A small power nap will make you more productive and give you the energy you need to make it until bedtime. Even if you can’t take a nap, at least take a small break. Read, watch something funny, or do a few stretches. Sometimes, we just need a change of pace to clear our heads. Take care of yourself… because you’re worth it!