How To Slow Things Down By Getting Out Of The Fast Lane…

How To Slow Things Down By Getting Out Of The Fast Lane...
How To Slow Things Down By Getting Out Of The Fast Lane...

Does your hectic life feel like season five of a TV series? You know when the writers throw in “the crazy” just to keep the plot interesting? Here are a few tips to slow down the crazy train.

Make a list

Keep a journal to track your time and see where you need to insert a much-needed commercial break. It’s easy to keep on trucking throughout the day if you have not scheduled some stops along the way.


Start delegating tasks to friends and family. It’s about time the kids started doing their own laundry, cook once and a while, and help more around the house. If you feel like you’re constantly in the car driving people around; create a carpool system between other parents or co-workers. If you don’t have the time to do it right when will you have the time to do it over? Start delegating.

Give into passion

When times are stressful, we can put our passions on the back burner. However, passion is what keeps the spark-of-life burning within us. It’s important to schedule a small amount of time toward whatever makes you feel alive. If you love to read, write, paint, scrapbook or sing; find the time for those gems. When we tap into our creative side, it makes us forget life for a while. It can reenergize oneself like a summer rain that squelches the heat, the carefree feeling of rolling down the car windows just to let the wind blow through your hair, or laying on the roof during a meteor shower just to watch those shooting stars. It’s what makes us enjoy life in its simplistic beauty. By ignoring our needs and starving our passions, we could become like a hamster on a wheel. We might be moving but were never going anywhere that matters.

By slowing things down and taking care of yourself will not only make you happier but those around you.