Leo Horoscope

Feb 25, 2020… Leos could desire a little social connectivity today. If you’re looking to meet up with a friend or family member, try to make it a little social time. Fun connections can be in store if you’re willing to get things started. You can share stories and reminisce over old times together — or nail a project that might have been stumping you on your own. Not only can a social connection bring you closer to someone, it can actually benefit your well-being and raise your vibe.

Today’s Soul Advice: Life is like a rainbow, a spectrum of personalities moving along countless shades. Whether your current place feels rose colored or a little on the bluer side, you can change your hue with the thoughts you choose to think and the actions you decide to take. You are a piece of something far bigger, dressed in all the colors of the specrtum, and it beautiful.