Leo Horoscope

Apr 20, 2024… You could have a penchant for overindulgence today, which could lead to issuing yourself a face-palm by morning! Being careful about how far you take your fun this weekend should remain at the forefront of your mind, Leo — unless you are willing to deal with consequences later. There is nothing wrong with having a great time and living in the moment! Remembering to think before going overboard or emptying your bank account now can make a huge difference later.

Today’s Soul Advice: One does not attempt to eat an entire cake in a single bite (usually). Instead, we cut a slice and eat that piece by piece. While less delicious, life’s hurdles can be dealt with in much the same manner as cake — not at once and all together, but one bite at a time, piece by piece. Break it down and you’ll find it easier to triumph over anything in your way.


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