Simple Things You Should Keep In Your Car In Case Of An Emergency…

Simple Things You Should Keep In Your Car In Case Of An Emergency...
Simple Things You Should Keep In Your Car In Case Of An Emergency...

We all know we need the obvious things in our car like a first aid kit, spare tire, jack, and tire iron. We’ve listed a few other things you should carry, but hopefully, will never have to use. Take a look…

Road Flares

At least one flare could save your life and the lives of many others. Imagine you just broke down or slid on the ice and wrecked your car and you’re unable to move your vehicle to a safer location. How will others know you’re there? Especially in the dark! The first thing you do is grab your emergency bag and then GET THE HELL OUT OF YOUR CAR AND OFF THE ROAD. Once you’re safe, then light the flares, placing them in key spots to warn oncoming traffic there’s been an accident. It will slow traffic down to a safer level and hopefully around your mess entirely until help arrives.

Tin Can and Candles

This next trick may sound odd, but if you travel on wintery roads, a candle, and a tin can could save your life. Of course, you don’t need this during the summer months, so it’s good to pack an emergency winter bag and a summer one so that the candles won’t melt in the heat. But if you get stuck or stranded due to an engine malfunction in the dead of winter and (heaven forbid!) have no cell phone reception, a lit candle set inside a tin can, will keep the inside of a car warm enough to survive the cold until morning.


Most flares have a sandpaper edge to strike against concrete, but I’ve seen a few duds. If you have a book of matches, you can still light those flares the old school way. It will also light your candle in the tin can if your cigarette push-in lighter is on the frits.

Pocket Knife

When we have the misfortune of getting into a wreck, there’s always a chance we won’t be able to get out of our seatbelt. Anytime you’re in a dangerous spot; it’s dire you get out of the car and off to the side of the road as soon as possible. Keeping a pocket knife within reach will set you free. Plus, you never know if you will end up in a water situation where every second of freedom counts or you could drown. It’s also helpful when a car’s computer gets fried from submersion, disabling the window controls. By placing the sharp tip against the glass, then hitting the butt-end of the knife, will shatter most windows, otherwise, they’re almost impossible to break. Home Depot or other supply stores carry a window breaker and seatbelt cutter together in one neat little tool. Key’s to remember… KNIFE = LIFE.

A Charged Spare Cell Phone Battery

Running out of gas in the middle of nowhere with a dead cell phone is just another set up for a scary movie! If you have a backup battery, the odds of finding service is higher than finding someone who has the same charger as you. Having a spare is never a bad idea. A few of the new phone these days don’t have interchangeable batteries. If you own one of those, place your phone on battery or power saving mode. It will turn off all apps that are currently running, and any other useless thing that drains the battery, giving you those crucial minutes you might need to call for help so you won’t become the inspiration behind the next Hollywood scary movie.

Fix-A-Flat Spray Can

You can find this product at any auto supply store. It’s easy to use and will fix most flats, allowing you to travel several more miles before needing a permanent fix. I’ve used this product on several different occasions, and all I have to say to the inventors… THANK YOU!!!

Car Tire Pump

The Fix-a-flat can only work if you still have air in your tire. During those other times when you come out of the grocery store and your tire is completely flat, an electric tire pump you plug into a cigarette lighter is a lifesaver. You now can use your fix-a-flat and air pump to get you back on the road and home safely instead of hassling with the spare. It’s also ideal for filling pool toys, balloons, bike tires, athletic balls and air mattresses. LOVE THIS DEVICE. It’s a MUST HAVE!!!

Zip Ties

This is for “OMG, I JUST HIT A DEER!” night― when your hood is damaged and won’t stay closed, and you need that quick fix. Zip ties work great to bind things back together! This way you’re not leaving crucial car parts behind after those unwanted mishaps.