What a robber looks for when canvassing your home…

What a robber looks for when canvassing your home…
What a robber looks for when canvassing your home…

We all work hard for what we have, and the last thing we want is for someone to steal it, but what can we do that will make them think twice before choosing our home?

Get a dog.

If you can own a dog, you should. That little bark is all a robber needs to hear, and they’ll know the homeowner’s been warned of their approach. Even a fake pet door facing the main street will be enough to fool someone just doing a drive by.

Remove newspapers or mail from piling up around your door.

Nothing says “I’m not home.” like excessive litter around your door or mailbox. If you are out of town, ask a neighbor or friend to pick up your mail and newspapers for you.

Hide the cardboard boxes from those big-ticket items.

If you get that big plasma screen TV, or new Xbox console for your birthday, don’t put the cardboard boxes right next to the garbage can. You might as well be shouting “Hey, wanna know all the cool stuff I own? Well, here it is.” Break those boxes down and shove them inside the recycling can so no one knows about the new treasures you possess.

Plant shrubs under your windows.

It’s hard to look inside your windows when you have that thorny rosebush in the way. Investing in a few new plants will make it challenging for a peeping-tom to investigate.

Install motion sensor lights.

Nothing says, “Back off!” like a bright spotlight. Dark corners might be an invitation to a thief but makes a perfect place to install motion sensor lights.

Don’t leave a dark house.

When you go on vacation or leave for the evening, turn on a few lights. Better yet, install a timer so lamps may turn on and off at certain times throughout the night making your home appear occupied.

Avoid the fish bowl effect.

In the evening it’s best to shut the blinds or pull the curtains. The intruder has the advantage of night while the lights brighten your house, showcasing all the goodies you have inside.

Put deadbolts on entry doors.

A single lock makes your home more appealing to a burglar, so it’s best to install a deadbolt or a double padlock.

Lock down your social media.

The next time you want to “check -in” on social media, limit the amount of people who see those posts to trusted family and friends. If you’re going out to dinner or attending a concert, don’t let the whole world know exactly when you won’t be home.

Don’t let strangers into the house.

Robbers will sometimes want to look inside the house before they try to rob it. So, if an unfamiliar UPS driver or Pest Elimination employee wants to use your phone or the restroom, just say NO!

Paint the front door.

Robbers look for that run-down front door, but a beautiful entryway shows the intruder you take pride in your home and therefore will be harder to breach.

It never hurts to have an alarm.

It’s not always affordable, but if you can, get an alarm. Since they make your home appear safer, it may deter a pesky intruder. Placing a sign in your grass is better than nothing.

If you have a garage, park your cars inside

Thieves won’t know when your home or away if your cars are safely tucked inside the garage. A closed garage will also make it harder for them to figure out your daily routines.