What you Need To Stop Doing When You’re 30…

What you Need To Stop Doing When You’re 30...
What you Need To Stop Doing When You’re 30...

We can get away with a lot in our late teen’s or early 20’s when Mom and Dad are around telling us to clean our rooms, take out the trash, get to school on time and let’s not forget all of those home cooked meals. Thus enabling all of those normal childhood bad habits we seem to develop. Yet, when we roll into adulthood, it’s time to “cowboy up” and take life more seriously.

STOP doing these things when you turn the big THREE-O.

Binge drinking

Give your liver a break and cut back on the booze. Time to throw away those red and blue cups and retire those well-earned BEER PONG trophies.


Nothing ages your body faster than lighting up those cancer-sticks. Take a look at some of our beloved childhood stars like Lindsay Lohan and Kate Moss― barely into their 30’s and 40’s their skin is already showing the harmful effects of their excessive lifestyles.

Texting someone a thank you

Texting is very impersonal, and if Grandma went to the trouble of sending you money through the mail, she deserves to hear your real voice. Youth should not be an excuse for bad manners. It shouldn’t matter what age you are; everyone should write a formal thank you letter or at least make a one-on-one phone call when someone takes the time to send you a gift.

Racking up credit card debt

It’s time to grow up and get out of debt. Don’t keep adding more debt to the pile. In the long run, you’ll be glad you did.

Calling your parents only when you need something

At first, leaving the nest is scary― you have to figure out living arrangements, survive on a budget and get used to that “grown up” job. It’s normal for parents to get a few crisis-mode calls and it’s important to stay connected to family. Take the initiative and make that unselfish phone call and ask your parents how their day went or what they’ve been up to. Trust me, they’ll really appreciate it.

Eating junk food

No more fries and frosty’s for dinner, nachos piled with a mountain of cheese, or that day-old pizza. Eating healthier will make you look and feel better and help prevent other health problems in the future.

Making excuses not to exercise

Young metabolisms make it easier to stay thin, however, neglecting the gym makes it harder to shed those unwanted pounds as we age. Don’t make things harder by sitting still. STAY ACTIVE!

Working a minimum wage job

Hopefully, that’s not what you’re still doing at 30, but if you are, now’s the time to find a career, NOT a job… BIG difference. Working at a yogurt shop is fun when you’re young, however, not so cool as an adult. You need to be working on a career with a company that offers health benefits and a secure retirement plan before another 10 years sneak up on you.

Creeping on Facebook and social media

Let your childhood crush go, along with all of those Ex’s and snotty bitches who treated you so badly back in high school. Why? Because… well, they’re bitches!!!

Seeking approval

Waste no more time worrying about what other people think. Live the life you want by adopting a carefree attitude toward those who don’t agree.

Buying clothes instead of doing laundry

Time to get out of that “once-a-month” laundry trap and start handling the laundry more frequently. Stop wasting money on socks, underwear, or T-shirts just because you’re too unmotivated to wash your clothes.

Snoozing the weekend away

Get up and do something. You are not a teen, only waking from the dead when your “peeps” entice you too. The coming week will run more smoothly if you organize your time.

Ridiculous spending

Stop spending every dime you make on eating out or supporting the local bars. It’s time to piggy-bank your money for that new set of tires or unexpected dental bill. Depositing money into a rainy day emergency fund and a 401K account is called― “acting like an adult.”

Posting “party-girl” stories on social media

Teenagers look ridiculous posting their “Party Pics” but when you’re posting party shots at 30 …that’s ridiculous. It’s like Harrison Fords’ earring; we’ve all seen it and think, “OMG! Man, let it go?” But seriously, next time you puke at a party, keep it on the down low.

Posters on the wall

If you have pictures on the wall that are not in frames, now’s the time to invest in glass. The Bieber-Fever or Chris Hemsworth crush must be cured. “Frame it or Shame it.”

Flossing only when you get a popcorn kernel stuck in your teeth

When you’re young, you might not think it’s a problem to floss― trust me… it is. Every day you don’t, you lose enamel that you can’t get back. In the long run, you’ll save yourself a fortune if you start taking proper care of your teeth.

Staying up with the latest gossip

End that! And move on if others don’t feel the same. Playing petty games or being a pot-stirrer is toxic and the older you get, the less drama you’ll want in your life. I mean really… wasn’t high school bad enough?

Quitting when things get hard

You have nobody to blame but yourself when things go wrong. There isn’t a brother or sister in the way “cramping-your-style”. Adults keep going even when things get rough― and hey, if mom and dad did it, you can too.