Why You Should Drink Hot Water…

Why You Should Drink Hot Water...
Why You Should Drink Hot Water...

Benefits of Drinking Hot Water.

We all know water is essential for survival, but many do not know what drinking a few cups of hot water per day can do for their health. Here are a few healthy hot-water benefits.

Boosts your metabolism

Drinking a glass of hot water (with a dash of lemon if you prefer) first thing in the morning will aid in breaking down adipose tissue which translates into losing body fat― and who doesn’t want to lose weight?

Aids in digestion

Drinking cold water during a meal can harden the oil in consumed food resting inside your tummy, creating fat deposits in the inner lining of your intestines. Hot water helps break down those food remnants, making bowel movements less painful as they pass reducing common constipation problems.

Helps our bodies detox

When we consume hot water our temperature rises which can make us sweat. Extra heat creates better circulation for a healthier nervous system. When we sweat, it forces toxins out of our system so our bodies can cleanse properly.

Good for your skin and hair

Hot water energizes nerve endings in the root of the hair. This improves overall vitality making hair softer and shinier. Deep cleansing with hot water will help the elasticity of your skin and helps to fight the root cause of acne-related infections.

Eases muscle cramps

When the heat of the hot water reaches your abdomen, it helps to relax the muscles, eventually calming those cramps and spasms due to an upset stomach or a woman’s menstrual cycle.

Soothes the throat and assists with nasal congestion

Drinking hot water is an old, natural remedy for coughs and sore throats due to the common cold, however, on a normal day, it will help dissolve phlegm and clear up your respiratory tract.

It won’t bother your sensitive teeth

People with sensitive teeth usually skip drinking cold water or sweet juices which can cause dehydration. Instead of skipping water due to pain, drink lukewarm water instead and increase your daily intake to improve your overall health.