3 Tips To Make Your Thanksgiving Travel Easier…

3 Tips To Make Your Thanksgiving Travel Easier...
3 Tips To Make Your Thanksgiving Travel Easier...

What’s wrong with planes, trains, and automobiles? Traffic and Thanksgiving go together like stuffing and cranberry sauce. According to AAA, more than 46.9 million people are going to be traveling this Thanksgiving holiday. Here are a few tips to keep you from losing your mind and your patience.

Plan ahead

Better rates and travel dates are best made in advance. Pack snacks and drinks for the family to enjoy. Clear storage on your cell phone to make room for new photos. Download key travel apps to your smartphone. GateGuru, CurrencyConverter, GoogleTranslate, Apintheair, and Citymapper are some of my favorites. There is even an app to find the closest and cleanest bathrooms. Hallelujah!

Travel on a less crowded day

Thursday morning has been proven to be a better day to travel than that dreaded Wednesday. Of course, it doesn’t hurt if you can get away on Monday or Tuesday. Thanksgiving is one of the top ten busiest travel days of the year.

Pack light

Keep clothes tightly packed by using packing cubes or airless bags. Backpacks are great for the minimalist. Shipping clothing and gifts ahead of time may save you money from those baggage fees. If you plan on driving, fill up your car beforehand to take advantage of the lower gas prices. Be sure to pack a car emergency kit.

By making the right plans, your Thanksgiving holiday will be less stressful and hopefully less dramatic. If not, you will have one hell of a story for the Thanksgiving table.