5 Inspirational Ways to Start Your Day


(DailyTreasure.com) – We get it – really. There’s no secret about the fact that it can be hard to find ways to motivate yourself in the morning; sometimes even throughout the day. There just never seems to be enough time to get things done, and a lot of us are always feel exhausted, no matter what we’ve done that day. The good news is starting your day in an inspiring way may just be the key to avoiding the daily slump later on.

Move to Shake the Morning Daze

Instead of hitting that snooze button for an extra five minutes of sleep that aren’t any more refreshing than the past eight hours, why don’t you pull out that yoga mat and do a few exercises? Even just stretching for five minutes in the morning can help you feel energized and alert. According to the NIFS, this energy boost comes from the increase in oxygen and nutrients exercising gives you. Not only that, but exercising in the morning can give you a nice metabolism boost, too!

Don’t Skip That Meal

You may not feel hungry right after waking up, but did you know skipping breakfast can throw off your body’s rhythm? Eating breakfast will kickstart your metabolism and give you the most important energy boost of the day. This is because your blood sugar starts off low in the morning, which can make a person feel weak, tired, and dizzy if not corrected in a reasonable amount of time. Even if your body wants to reject food in the morning, it’s a good idea to at least eat something, even if it’s just an orange or banana.

Dance, Dance, Dance!

You know that feeling when you’re jamming out in your car to your favorite song on the way to work? Have you ever considered dancing to that song as you’re going around your room getting ready to start your day? Dancing is a great way to get yourself in a good mood before you have to slave away at work or run a bunch of errands. Get motivated, get inspired, and dance like nobody’s watching.

Be Thankful

Don’t wake up dreading the day ahead; wake up grateful that you’re alive to see another day. One common tip is to be keep a gratitude journal nearby to write in every morning. Find one thing you’re grateful for and just write a few words about it. It could be your pet, your favorite food, or anything really. It all depends on you.

Create Your Own Inspiration

Struggling to find something that inspires you? Exercising, dancing, and eating right can give you a bit of inspiration and motivation, but what’s really going to give you that extra kick to keep you going?

Create an Inspiration Board

Try crafting your very own inspiration board. It doesn’t have to be anything big, but a small cork board with photos and inspiring quotes pinned on it that you can look at daily can go a long way in reminding you of what you love each morning. Maybe put up a picture of a cute kitten, your favorite celebrity, or even your child self. Choose things that make you want to work towards something better, or things that make you smile. You’ve got to start somewhere, right?

Start Your Day by Reading an Inspiring Story Online

There are a lot of inspiring stories that pop up online nearly every day. You could make it habit to check out some of them to find a bit of motivation and inspiration to help someone else and work hard at all you do. Even checking out Daily Treasure to read some helpful tips, your horoscope, or even a fortune each day can give you a bit of motivation and a little more knowledge for the times when you find yourself in doubt.

You can find something every day to inspire yourself. This list is just a small one, but we hope it gives you a place to start. Get in the habit of creating your own inspiration and motivation, and you’ll find out just how amazing life can be.

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