4 Simple Exercises for People Who Hate Exercising…

4 Simple Exercises for People Who Hate Exercising...
4 Simple Exercises for People Who Hate Exercising...

If you’ve seen your doctor lately, then you know that most of the time they’ll ask if you’ve been getting enough exercise. Hopefully, your answer is yes, but life can sometimes get in the way of even our best intentions. My doc told me that there isn’t much that exercise won’t improve. In other words — Chick, most of your problems are from not moving your ass. We clear? — Crystal!

Maybe you’ve started this year off right with a New Year’s Resolution to get in shape, and if you have… stick to it. If you’re like me and are still making excuses for your sloth lifestyle, it’s time to improve that life by adding a few simple exercises to your normal routine.


Nothing could be easier than walking. It’s just putting one foot in front of the other for 20 minutes. It will get your blood pumping, your glands releasing those happy endorphin juices and flexing your muscles, not to mention strengthening those rusty joints. It’s even better if you can get outside and enjoy the nature that surrounds you, allowing your lungs to fill will yummy fresh air. Snow can sometimes prevent some of us from hitting the pavement, but Home Depot, The Mall, Costco, or any other large building can hold us over until we can get outside again. Even if you step in place while watching television, it is better than nothing.


Anyone can do yoga. With the internet, you can youtube.com anything and have a private session right in the comfort of your home. It will help strengthen your muscles, your stamina, and allow your joints more freedom of motion. It’s also an excellent opportunity to meditate, control your breathing and give you time to reflect on your day. Yoga is good for the body, mind, and soul. WIN!


When I started running after I’d been a couch potato for months, I could only jog 100 steps. Then I’d walk a 100 and repeat. By the end of the month, I was jogging again. The key to adding something into your life that’s been dormant for awhile is… SLOWLY. Do what you can, then increase as things start to improve. When we overdo it, we may get sore, and that could deter us from our life-changing good habits were trying to achieve. Do what feels right for you. Just move for 20 minutes… that’s it!


If you live in an area that has a tall building, take those steps up and down for 20 minutes. It will make your backside nice and tight, along with developing good-looking calves. If you just happen to work in a great building like that, skip the cushy elevator ride and take the stairs instead. Even if you break it up into 4 five-minute sessions instead of the full 20 minutes―it still improves your health.

I put a wooden box in my bedroom and stepped up and down, updownupdownupdown, on every commercial break when it had snowed 2 feet overnight and I couldn’t stop binge watching The Walking Dead. Seriously, sometimes I can’t put the remote down.

The key to exercising is to make it simple. Work around your lifestyle and learn how to adjust when everything isn’t perfect. We all know we need to exercise. So let’s do what we can to improve our health together. Plus, once you’re in shape, you’ll feel sooo much better.

You up for that challenge?

Of course, you are… You’ve got this!