5 Foods For Glowing Skin…

5 Foods For Glowing Skin...
5 Foods For Glowing Skin...

We all have our favorite skin-care products, but to have beautiful glowing skin, you must eat right. For our bodies to replace those dead skin cells for new ones, we need several vital nutrients to support that rapid growth. We listed a few great foods you should eat to attain beautiful skin.


Fish is filled with essential fatty acids which act as a natural moisture for your skin, hair, and nails. The high omega 3 and vitamin E helps protect the skin against aging and those free radical caused by sun exposure and man-made chemicals.


Avocados are another great antioxidant that carries Carotenoids- alpha-carotene, βCryptoxanthin, and lutein (great for the eye). It provides an excellent barrier for your skin to protect from wrinkles and sun damage.


Technically this isn’t food, but it’s essential for great looking skin. When we get dehydrated, our skin can look dry, tired, and lack that colorful glow. Six to eight glasses of water a day is recommended. Herbal, non-caffeinated teas are a good source too.


Just a handful a day can give you plenty of vitamin C and those lovely antioxidants we need to protect our skin. They also help boost your immune system to fight off certain types of cancer. Try throwing them over a salad, blend them in a smoothie, or just eat them plain.

Brazilian Nut

Selenium is another powerful antioxidant. Just 4 Brazilian nuts will give you the recommended daily amount of selenium according to the RDA standards. They boost the immune system, protect against sun damage and certain types of skin cancer. Other good sources of selenium are wheat-germ, broccoli, eggs, shellfish, and tomatoes.

Add these few foods to your grocery list, and your skin will thank you.