6 Healthy Bedtime Snacks That Are Easy on The Waistline…

6 Healthy Bedtime Snacks That Are Easy on The Waistline...
6 Healthy Bedtime Snacks That Are Easy on The Waistline...

When I want to unwind and veg on the couch after a long and busy day, my stomach starts talking to me. It says things like “you know you didn’t eat the right calories today” and “you know you just want a little something…?”, and next thing I know I’m standing in front of the fridge. What I need is willpower, but when that’s not working to avoid temptation, it’s a good idea to have some healthy snacks available.

Here are a few of my “go to” healthy night time snacks. Enjoy!


This food is the whole-grain, complex carb that helps lower cholesterol and is easy on the waistline, containing only 200 calories. It’s easy to digest, and with a little milk, you get good protein as well.

A couple of Turkey Slices

We all know turkey is loaded with sleep-inducing tryptophan. It’s also low-fat and an excellent source of quality protein, only containing 50 to 75 calories per slice. Win! Win!

Bananas and Peanut Butter

Bananas are full of fiber and contain about 100 calories. We expect the peanut butter protein to contain tryptophan, but surprisingly bananas do too. By adding that small amount of peanut butter, it will leave you feeling full, satisfying that growling tummy.

Greek Yogurt

Surprisingly, yogurt and milk do contain tryptophan and also includes a sleep inducing nutrient – calcium which is effective in stress reduction and nerve stabilization including those in the brain according to Dr. Dalton Smith. Yogurt helps to calm the stomach and keeps heartburn and indigestion at bay, allowing you to get a more restful night sleep. It is low in calories with 100 to 150 per serving.

String Cheese

Yes, cheese! It’s filled and loaded with healthy fatty proteins and packed with only 80 calories. It’s packed with protein and contains the amino acid…yep, you guessed it, tryptophan.

Baby Carrots

Baby carrots contain 4 fat-free calories per carrot and are a super nutritious snack with a satisfying crunch. Yummy! Yum!

Keep these healthy snacks in your fridge, so you’ll be able to grab something low in calories, curbs your appetite and helps you get a better night’s sleep. Aww, bring on those sweet, ZZZ’s…