Simple Ways To Become A Risk Taker…

Simple Ways To Become A Risk Taker...
Simple Ways To Become A Risk Taker...

Conquer Your Fears: Get Risky!

There is an old saying, “No Risk, No Reward”. Have you been holding yourself back? Sometimes, it all boils down to conquering your own fears. Fear, which has been described as False Evidence Appearing Real can trick you into thinking that you cannot accomplish your goals. Switching your perspective to seeing fear as a challenge to overcome can turn your mind to see it as: Face Everything And Rise.

Helen Keller said, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” Dreams and passions can’t be fulfilled from the sidelines. You have to be on the field of life to succeed. Here are a few tips on how to become a risk taker:

Identify your inner passion and dreams

Figure out what you want in life, then write it down. If it’s the courage to talk to the woman or man of your dreams, write a book, start your own business, or paint a masterpiece; self-awareness of your dreams and passion is the first step.

Take action

Everything starts with courage. John Wayne said, “Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway.” Even if they feel like baby steps, you must move toward your goals in order to succeed. You must take that leap of faith, or you will be in the same boat a year from now, or worse yet, five years from now.

Know your weaknesses

Remember: Knowledge is power. If education is the next step towards reaching your goals, enroll in that class, google it, youtube search, and educate yourself. How have others handled adversity? Time to become an expert. Having weaknesses is okay. We all have them. It is what you do with them that makes the difference.

Ask for help

Everyone can use a little encouragement, so don’t be afraid to reach out to others. When it seems like you have a mountain to climb, a helping hand or a listening ear can make it easier to reach the top. Others can offer advice and knowledge on how they may have overcome certain obstacles.

Failure is a part of life

Change your perception around failure. Face it, embrace it, and learn from it. The advantage of failure is the experience. How little we would grow if we only faced success! Not to say that some failures aren’t costly, embarrassing, or time-consuming but it’s what you learn in the process of getting back up that becomes the game changer. If you quit, that’s it, game over. The end. Keep moving forward until you succeed. You are in control of your choices, so start today!

Now’s the time to follow your dreams by becoming a risk taker. If not now, when?