5 Motivation Hacks In 5 Minutes…

5 Motivation Hacks In 5 Minutes...
5 Motivation Hacks In 5 Minutes...

If you want to get motivated, here are a few simple things you can do to bring on the “Happy”.

Give yourself a clean slate

You don’t need January 1st to begin a new year’s resolution. You can give yourself a clean slate right now. Put all those painful memories, embarrassing mishaps, complications and disappointments into your mental garbage can. Forgive yourself and move on when things are out of your control. Once you’ve managed to clear your mind, you’ll be feeling much better.

Call a loved one

Nothing will lift your spirit like talking to a person who can make you laugh, tell you how great you are, and make you feel loved. Mom, Dad, Sisters, Brothers, Aunts, Uncles or just that one special friend is all you need to get your mind back in the happy game.

Practice the “Power Pose”

Amy Cuddy, a Harvard professor, gave a speech on the power of body language in a TED talk in 2012. Studies have shown that if you take up more space in a room by stretching your arms over your head, leaning over with your legs out, or crossing your arms over your chest will increase your testosterone levels thus creating more self-confidence. What you do not want to do is take on a submissive pose, that will have the reverse effect.

Eat foods that release dopamine

Now is the perfect time to each chocolate. It increases your dopamine levels and heart rate with its natural caffeine and antioxidant properties. It will elevate your mood and bring on those happy emotions. Other foods that help with your mood are fish, nuts and dark greens.

Take a brisk walk

Exercise will increase your natural dopamine levels too. If you can get out in nature; even better. It only takes a few minutes to get those good juices flowing. When you return, your mind will be more equipped to handle stress and those demanding daily tasks.

Now it’s up to you to create your own happiness. Chop, chop, there’s no time like the present. Time to bring on the happy!