“Dream-Guys” Why Women Love Them…


Relationships are the core ingredient in most people’s lives, and women are not as complicated as men make us out to be. All we want is once in awhile to be shown we’re special. In this article, it lists a few simple things you can do for your woman that will make her whole week, not to mention escalating yourself into “Dream-Guy” status. Take a look…

Say “I love you” for no damn good reason

When your woman’s lounging around in her sweats, no makeup, and eating Cheetos, she’s not expecting you to say “I love you”, but that’s why it’s special. It also helps if you reveal something specific, like, “When the sun hit’s your hair, it glows.” AWH!!!

Buy her a silly present

Those cheap gifts are not cool on Valentine’s Day, but when you bring home a box of chocolates and a cheesy stuffed bear just because you saw it at the store and thought of your woman, nothing is sweeter or hotter than that. You’ve just become sigh-worthy!

Send her a mushy text or leave a post-it note

Poems are great when confessing your never ending love… but hey, that’s just not you, right? All it takes is a few scribbles on a sticky note that you slap on the bathroom mirror on your way out the door, like, “Babe, when you look at yourself, see why I’m such a lucky man? XO.” That will melt anyone’s, heart. You just entered Dream-Guy status.

You’re not afraid to post a couple’s picture on social media

I’m not saying you have to go out and buy a selfie stick and become an Instagram husband, but once in awhile, it’s nice to see our man wanting to show everyone out there you’re a proud and committed person. If you really want to raise your good-guy points, post something on your anniversary. That’s the creme de la creme of amazing or in other words; you’re totally awesome!!!

Breakfast in bed

There’s not a woman on this planet who doesn’t like having breakfast in bed. Even if it only happens twice a year, when you whip this one out, you’ll be the envied treasure of all her friends. My hero!

Dinner out

On that crazy night when everything that could happen, did― you come in all knight in shining armor type and sweep her off her feet and say “Leave it, honey. I’m taking you out.”

Looooong sigh… Heaven!!!

Unexpected massage

Take off her shoes and give those tired feet a massage and don’t expect anything in return. If you go with that approach, it will probably lead to something else, but it’s the unconditional gesture that earns those massive good-guy points.

Now… let your bad boy shine

All this kindness is great, melts everyone’s heart and solidifies everything in your relationship, but in the bedroom, let your bad boy have his day and trust me…. your woman will love him just as much. “Giddy up, cowboy!”