Fall Vegetables You Need To Add To Your Grocery List…

Vegetables and Salads
Vegetables and Salads

Have you noticed all the zucchini, red ripe tomatoes, peaches and grapes disappearing from your favorite fruit and vegetable stands? With summer now gone ;( it’s time to hit the farmer’s market and grab those fresh fall vegetables. Listed below are some veggies you should add to your next grocery list.



Even though pumpkins are technically very large berry, I still think they’re worth grabbing at the market. We all love pumpkin pie or those salted pumpkin seeds.
Now, what to do with them: Pumpkins are mostly used in a puree form for pies and soups, so get out that blender and make your own, or roast it for pumpkin chili or eat it with butter and salt like you would a regular squash. Yum!



You can get them in a variety of colors since they can handle a light frost and farmers plant them at the end of the season to extend their harvest.
You can steam them, then toss with butter and sweet basil, add to soups or cook with your favorite pot roast. They make the perfect side dish.

Butternut Squash


It’s the funny shaped vegetable that we see in a lot of table decorations, but it’s a great food to eat.
Once roasted, it becomes so rich and creamy; you only need butter and salt. If you want to go gourmet style, add parmesan cheese or pan-fry with pasta.

Acorn Squash


Another great addition to dinner or you can make it the main course.
Roast it, then stuff with other vegetables and meat, or slice it into rings and fry in butter and garlic. Delicious!



I know you can find these all year round, but they’re fresh during the fall and a staple ingredient for dinner.
To change things up a bit, try making a loaded bake potato salad. It’s basically the same idea as regular potato salad, just add sour cream or yogurt for the mayo, and bacon and chives, instead of eggs and unions. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever tasted. SOOO GOOD!



I like these dark looking potatoes for so many things.
Boil them for sweet potato pie, or add honey, salt, pepper and butter, then bake with a marshmallow topping. Perfect for all occasions, not just Thanksgiving.

Brussel Sprouts


These are not personally my favorite, but I know people who love them and they’re worth adding to your grocery list.
They are great roasted or try them tossed in a Thai-style dish― add some flare to your salads by hashing them in with some brown butter dressing.

Other Great Veggies To Try!

  • Cabbage
  • Kale
  • Turnips
  • Kohlrabi
  • Cauliflower

To find ways to add these beauties into your diet, check out Pinterest. They have a sea of recipe ideas and tips on how to cook anything.

Get into the swing of fall, by trying a few new dishes at the dinner table and see what happens. Good luck!