If you want a guy to look at you for real, don’t make these mistakes.

If you want a guy to look at you for real, don’t make these mistakes.
If you want a guy to look at you for real, don’t make these mistakes.

When we first meet a guy that we really like, we want them to see us as normal, reliable and a little mysterious. If we show our bat-shit crazy side, they’ll run for the nearest exit. In this article, we list several things you should NOT do if you want a man to take you seriously.

Don’t be someone you’re not

If you change who you are to please him, it will eventually blow up in your face. If you like country music, and he doesn’t, don’t lie and say you only like his tunes. Trying to fool him into thinking you have so much in common isn’t good for either of you. How long can you keep up that facade before you want to pull your hair out? Be yourself. It sets a solid foundation early. Smoke and mirrors will never work so don’t play that magic trick, or it will cost you.

Sending too many texts

You want to keep a little mystery. For example, you want him wondering “What’s she doing? Who’s she hanging out with?” If you’re blowing up his phone constantly and he’s ignoring you, take a hint and STOP sending any more messages! You need to get your own life. Women who have strong social lives are very appealing. Needy is not attractive to anyone, especially to a man you’ve just met. If you act like an orphaned kid looking for a new home, don’t be surprised when he ignores you completely.

Acting Territorial

If you’re jealous of everything in his life, well…. that’s just ridiculous. When a man feels like he has to defend everything he does during an average day, he’ll view you as exhausting. No one owns another person, so don’t act like a dog marking your territory all over the yard. It’s very unattractive. Keep it together.

Keeping tabs on his Ex

Seriously, you must have more important things to do than check out his exes on social media, or worse, Google them! You must have more self-esteem. Just know you are smart, witty, kind, beautiful inside and out, and you ARE good enough for him. Nothing is more pathetic than questioning your self-worth by comparing yourself to others, in particular against the women who didn’t pan out.

Tolerating bad behavior

If he doesn’t treat you right, move on. When a man thinks you’ll put up with his crap, he’ll view you as desperate, insecure, or really stupid. It sets a bad tone for the rest of the relationship. Right from the get-go demand respect and then you’ll receive his best… as you should.

Questioning his inner circle about his life

If you want to really know this person, ask him yourself. It’s creepy when someone they hardly know starts asking his friends and family questions about his life. It puts you on the “crazy list” as a potential stalker. Let things happen naturally. Eventually, if things work out, you’ll become friends with his inner circle too.

Not giving him room to breathe

If you ask him out, and he responds with a “Not tonight,” it doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you. He’s probably had a bad day at work, or he’s made prior commitments. Don’t fly off the handle because life is full of curveballs and if you can’t handle the small things, how will you handle the big things in a relationship? Don’t allow every let-down to affect you, especially in the early stages. Play it cool.