Tips on how to handle stress…

Tips on how to handle stress...
Tips on how to handle stress...

Sometimes, storms can blow in from many different directions and push around until everything seems overwhelming. At times, it can be difficult to know which fire to put out first before we become consumed in the flames. In this article, we list a few things that could help you find that peaceful place.

Take care of yourself

When situations become extreme, we must keep in mind our mental and physical health. If we become weak, we might fall short of the provisions we need to ride out or sail through the turbulent storm. Making sure we strike a balance between our spirituality/work/home/play is essential. By eating right, exercising, scheduling relaxing down time; is how we make our health a priority. If we ignore our health we can become worn out and overtired. AND WE SUFFER…

How to keep calm

When a stressful event happens or we hear something troubling, now’s the time to calm yourself. Breathing is key. Step away from the chaos if you can and then take in those calming deep breaths. Reflect on similar situations and what you or others have done to overcome them. If the heat persists, dive into a hobby that allows the mind a chance to escape like a good book, music or whatever is your mental safe haven, then tackle the problem when you’ve reached a calmer place.

Stay Positive

With a positive attitude comes confidence in yourself and the ability to handle the issue in a healthy way. Visualize a positive outcome and then the “perceived” mountain will become easier to climb.

Keep things in perspective

During difficult times, things can become exaggerated and panic sets in. Information can get crossed; words can be said in anger, making the problem harder to resolve. Gather the all the FACTS and then make a decision on how to take action. Always keep thing in perspective.

Write things down

Sometimes, making a pros and cons list will help with the confusion, especially if you can write without throwing too many emotions in with it, but if you need to vent, it’s best to put it on paper then in someone’s face. Get in a peaceful place before coming up with a concrete solution. If others are involved, have them journel their notes too. It will help manage the problem in a more diplomatic way since everyone will feel like they have a voice and what solutions they could bring to the table.

Stick to the plan

Nothing can make us feel more indecisive than stress. When you finally have a plan set out, stick to it. Jumping back and forth will only frustrate you and the others involved.

Move forward

Now put your plan into action and solve the issue. When things are handled in a timely manner and in a peaceful way, it benefits everyone. It also shows others you care, have courage, and confidence to handle that sensitive matter.

Check your ego at the door

Problems might be bigger than one can handle sometimes, so don’t be afraid to ask for help. Others who have gone through similar situations could be invaluable to you. Let your ego go and do what’s best for you. Many times, it just helps to have someone to talk to.

Forgive yourself

This can be tricky if you’re the type of person who likes to keep your battle wounds open. Time heals, right? If you’ve done all you can, there comes a time when one must let go of the pain or loss and move forward with their life. If you look back for too long, you miss out on the NOW.

Remember: Life always offers you a second chance…it’s called tomorrow.