Why Dads Are The Absolute Best Thing Ever!

Why Dads Are The Absolute Best Thing Ever!
Why Dads Are The Absolute Best Thing Ever!

I love this video! It shows how awesome Dads can be.

Dads are our biggest fans!

Even though they might be loud or obnoxious sometimes, and maybe a little embarrassing during our awkward teenage years…Dads are still our biggest fans. They’re the one’s standing in the bleachers cheering us on, encouraging us to go the extra mile. They teach us how to win big and lose like a champion– and those life-lessons will carry on even into adulthood.

They protect us

Dads keep us safe with those biker helmets, elbow pads, training wheels, and late night “where are you?” calls. And all that hovering might feel suffocating at times, but in reality, we know why they do it… because we are loved. Most dads will have our back even when we’re messing up.

We can be silly with them

Most Dads are silly with their kids. It allows children to get lost in the world-of-pretend, to play pranks on one another, and do a few more dangerous things that moms might not approve of but isn’t that all a part of growing up? And those fun dads can make our lives more exciting because of their adventurous spirit.

If you haven’t called your dad yet, get on the phone, or if you live close by, now’s the time to drive over to his house and show him just how much you love him. I mean… isn’t that what fathers day is all about? And we all know, we are the cause a lot of their gray hairs, so today… they deserve to be spoiled.

We want to send a giant THANK YOU!– to all those Dads out there for being so darn awesome!!!