Why Men Love Simple Women…

Why Men Love Simple Women...
Why Men Love Simple Women...

You hear men complaining all the time about those high-maintenance women, but how often do you hear complaints about women who love the simple things? Never! I’m not saying you need to settle for less to become a simple woman, however, the lifestyle you choose, needs to be genuine, or you’ll become something you’re not and we all know that doesn’t work.

Of course, we’d all love to be serenaded out our bedroom window, have poems and love stories written about us, but in the real world men are simple creatures. They love security, normalcy, and ritualistic routines, like putting a penny in their left shoe for luck and eating that charmed cheesecake when their favorite baseball team plays. We may not “get it” and it might seem “silly” to us, yet, that’s how some men create their individual mojo; sculpting themselves into who they are as a person, quirks and all.

Here are some examples of a few simple things that men love…

She appreciates the small things

When a simple woman says “Thank You,” it is genuine. She doesn’t view herself as entitled. She appreciates small gestures like picking up the milk on your way home from work. When she gives you that hug and kiss, it’s for real― not to sweeten’ you up before she asks for a new pair of diamond earring she needs to fit in with her friends.

She loves you for who you are

A simple woman will not be impressed by big-ticket items. She realizes luxuries are nice, but materialism doesn’t lead to true happiness. High maintenance women view how much a man spends as a measurement of value or proof they’re loved.  A simple woman would enjoy a picnic under the stars just as much as a VIP table at the hottest club.

She’s easy going

A simple woman knows how to roll-with-it. She’s aware life can throw many curve balls, and if she were to cry and pitch a fit about everything that went wrong, she would be whining all the time!  A simple woman looks for the silver lining in every situation and pushes drama out of her life. To stay happy one must surround themselves with positive people or they will weigh you down. She’s been there – done that, and has learned that simplicity is the healthier way to live.

She loves giving back

She studies the things you do and desires to reciprocate. She’ll know your favorite foods, the movies that make you laugh, the books that inspire you, and what truly make you happy. She’ll be the one saying “thank you” and staying positive by focusing on all of the lovely things you do, instead of whining you’re not doing enough or complaining about what she does not have.

She’s a happy person

She loves to make others happy and will be the one smiling because she, herself, is genuinely happy. You won’t have to mastermind exotic vacations, buy endless presents to impress her because she loves the simple things in life, including the man who loves a simple woman.