Why The Fall Season Rocks…

Why The Fall Season Rocks…
Why The Fall Season Rocks…

You can be tempted to think it is a bummer when summer is nearly over. But, as we approach the end of the hot days and buggy nights, don’t despair… Fall rocks! The breeze shifts and begins to carry that crisp, sweet scent of the changing season. Fall weather is usually downright perfect for anything you feel like doing. There are so many special things to look forward to once September hits.

The Bugs Start to Go Bye-Bye

Tired of swatting and wearing bug repellant? Rejoice! As the nights and mornings get cooler, the little things that have been nipping at you and getting all up in your face will finally go wherever bugs go for the winter. What a relief!

The Leaves Change Color

Nature and the beauty that surrounds you gets simply amazing when the colors start to peak. You can lay in the grass or visit the park and watch those leaves fall from the trees, dancing and floating through the air before they land — decorating the landscape in brilliant shades or red, orange, brown and yellow.

Fall Foods

Pumpkin spice lattes — need we say more? This is the time all those specialty spices make an appearance. YUM! It is also a great time to hit the local Farmers’ Markets to get some harvest fresh fruits and veggies like apples, squash, beets, cabbage and more. If you love fresh pumpkin and apple pies, the weather will be cooler for baking, too.

Fall Decorations and Costume Planning

Time to get out those scary decorations and the cornucopias. It also the perfect time to start making your Halloween costume or planning that perfect party. Get creative and have fun.

Kids Are Back in School

Now you can get back to your routine and have a few kid-free moments to yourself. Peace and quiet? Yes, please!