Aries Horoscope

Sep 23, 2023… You could be conflicted today about what you want in your life. This could be like having to choose between the popcorn or the gummy bears at the movies, or it could be a lot more serious than that, too, Aries. You already know what you really want. If the problem is that you actually want two or more things that simply aren’t going to go together well, choices have to be made. You can weigh the pros and cons or you can throw darts at scraps of paper. Either way, making your choice now will lift any weight you could be carrying around.

Today’s Soul Advice: When the waves crash hard and you’re struggling to reach the shore, dive below the chaos swim beneath the tides. Sometimes you can’t fight the current, but you can carry yourself along until you’re able to find another way forward. Just keep swimming.


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