Scorpio Horoscope

Feb 17, 2019… Scorpios could finally come to a decision on old but important matters. If you’ve been playing the waiting game with yourself, the energy will be right to take some action today. Scorpios usually don’t take life decisions lightly and often put a lot of thought into their next move. There comes a time when thinking too much stops you from taking the actions you need to get things done, though. Asserting yourself in a positive direction can lead to a good outcome, so go for it!

Today’s Soul Advice: Spontaneity is the spice of life. As creatures of habit, we prefer to do what is known and comfortable. In order to grow, however, we must try to break out of monotony and do something spontaneous — even if it means making a mess. An impromptu act (even of kindness to someone else!) will likely help you learn something new about yourself.
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