Capricorn Horoscope

Jun 16, 2019… Peaceful vibes will likely have Capricorns feeling warm inside. Sometimes harmony can be even more energizing than some morning caffeine. Feeling tranquil doesn’t have to just mean staying in your pajamas with that cup of joe, either. It can also inspire you to be brave and confidently face your day with a sparkle in your eye, like you know a special secret that no one else can hear. Take on the world with a gentle heart and your smile will be contagious.

Today’s Soul Advice: Even if it feels hurtful in the moment, criticism has the power to change, to inspire, to build. Instead of dwelling on it or letting it bring you down, take it as an opportunity to learn. Your personal standards for your work and your intentions should come first, but they should also be flexible and open to new ideas. Allow other people to challenge you. That’s one of the fastest ways to grow.