Capricorn Horoscope

Dec 8, 2023… Repetitive or boring tasks may be unwelcome today as you could feel the call of more important work, Capricorn. The energy will be right to get out of the little details and into the big picture. If something is pulling you to do more, be more, or rise above, the little things may simply fall to the wayside. Be sure to take care of any pressing life issues first, but this is a call you may want to answer. Raise your vibe as you rise above the humdrum into a higher mission.

Today’s Soul Advice: Strength can come in many forms. It can be hard, like steel; it can be yielding, like bamboo; or it can be enduring, like the redwood. But strength can also be formless, like the wind. Strength can be a thought. Strength can be wisdom. Strength can be you.


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