Pisces Horoscope

Aug 17, 2019… Pisces could feel like they are under a microscope at first today. Try to not give too much weight to the opinions of those around you, because that is a burden that you truly don’t have to carry. Love what you do, love who you are and remember it’s your choice to be happy. This vibe will be about self-empowerment, not about caving to who or what you might be expected to be. As long as you are kind and taking care of your responsibilities, any hypercriticism you could face will fade beneath your emotional strength and confidence.

Today’s Soul Advice: A life filled with an abundance of little, precious moments is one truly worth living. When you take time to appreciate the simplest things in the world, this earth becomes irrefutably beautiful. Listen to the birds chirp, watch autumn leaves floating in the wind, and treasure the smell of blossoming flowers. Don’t take these moments for granted, but do grant yourself time for these moments.