Pisces Horoscope

Dec 12, 2019… Pisces may seek more control over their world today. Frustrated? It’s normal to feel on edge when it seems like things should be different but you can’t change them. The details of life aren’t always what you want them to be, but you have the power to make the best of it. Remember, you can change situations, but not other people. Focus on feeling good just for you and no one else! You can raise your vibe and wrap up your week on a high note.

Today’s Soul Advice: As we’re trying to sleep, it’s easy to start worrying, regretting the past and fretting over the future. Though it’s ideal to not think and just breathe when you’re going to sleep, this isn’t always possible. Instead of worrying, try to consciously redirect your thoughts to positive ones, like what made you smile today or a favorite memory. A little meditation can also help too. This will likely help you fall asleep faster and help you have amazing dreams.