Libra Horoscope

Feb 17, 2019… Social situations will have the potential to buzz and hum with energy today. If you have the time to get around people or attend an event, laughter and fun can be at your fingertips. Spending your Sunday with good folks and good food is a worthwhile goal for today. If your situation keeps you away from jumping into some social time or you don’t have a tribe to turn to, squeezing in a little something just for you can be a pleasant alternative.

Today’s Soul Advice: Spontaneity is the spice of life. As creatures of habit, we prefer to do what is known and comfortable. In order to grow, however, we must try to break out of monotony and do something spontaneous — even if it means making a mess. An impromptu act (even of kindness to someone else!) will likely help you learn something new about yourself.
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