Libra Horoscope

May 28, 2022… Libras may look for ways to get some breathing room today. If things get busy, it can feel almost impossible to get some alone time. Don’t feel bad for needing a little space. You can feel like an empath who’s surrounded by other people’s feelings, making you want to run for the hills. You have the power to rise above it without hurting feelings. The right mix of empathy and detachment should do it. If you can take a little time just for you, it can go a long way toward a relaxing weekend.

Today’s Soul Advice: Communication is an invaluable skill. Still, it doesn’t come simply to everyone. Being able to communicate your feelings and intentions can help in every type of relationship, from business to romantic and everything in between. While some people have an easier time communicating than others, we can all learn to be better communicators. Time and practice are key — don’t give up.


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